The eye is not satisfied with seeing

Posted: August 5, 2013 in Uncategorized
When I was a young man, full of curiosity
and the compulsion to master knowledge,
information, and most importantly
the bundle of sticks we might call truth
I read every new release, the magazine
cover to cover, first word to last
subscribed to the right journals
acquainting myself with each new development,
following the arguments, the line of thought,
kept up with the back stories in the news
and noted the trends of the day
hoping that knowing would contribute
to breakthrough, the flash of propulsion
that would lift to the ripe fruit of enlightenment.
And then, by its own accord, the Teacher’s words
fell upon me one leaf at a time: Vanity.
The words, piles of words, skyscrapers of them
from the most inane tweet
to the most respectable tome, amassed their
collective heaviness, until at last
the subscriptions lapsed all by themselves
the news blurred to a deserved background
and the talking heads rolled down a long slide
to their puppet head resting place.
Added together, the boredom, sheer repetition
of the too familiar and worn out,
the next insignificant announcement,
accumulated at first as hills, then mountains,
a geography of towering unrest.
That was the moment of moments,
a wrenching away from this and turning to that,
another world that could not resemble
the earlier sprint toward the imaginary prize.
And like an old man peeling potatoes
in the back room behind the kitchen
I watched each long ribbon of husk
hit the floor, adding to the disposal pile.
The fresh meat of the insides fell in the pan
and the rising air bubbles began to cook
the tender meat until I could eat once again.
There may be nothing new under the sun
but there are new eyes that do the seeing
and ears that do the hearing, and deep
sounds, sights and appearances dazzling
the heart when it learns how to
sort, toss and ignore before the trivial
accomplishes its numbing end, leaving
the mind alert to the simplest truths
not obscured by leaping, passing mirages
that wear us out until
we send them packing
for good.
(Tim Carson, August 2013)
  1. Mia says:

    Stunning. So evocative the words….

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