Non Sequitur

Posted: May 10, 2013 in Uncategorized

Latin: “It does not follow.” An observation in logic that there is a disconnect between the premise of an argument and its conclusion. For instance:

God bless our snipers

Photo taken by Tim Carson in Columbia, Missouri, May 9, 2013

The premise is that somehow God would want snipers to prevail and kill as many of one tribe’s enemies as possible. This assumption is made against the backdrop that God created members of both tribes, the tribe doing the shooting and the tribe being shot.

Certain other information clears up non sequiturs, however. In this case, the fine print in the lower right hand corner is a web site address belonging to LaRue Tactical, a manufacturer of high powered sniper rifles. They have created a prayerful bumper sticker that seeks God’s blessing for their product, in this case, sniper rifles. God bless the snipers who buy and use our product, the sniper rifles. God bless the supply and demand, the success of our enterprise. That conclusion completely follows its premise, namely, that we want the product we design blessed by God in order to increase our prosperity. It’s terrible theology that creates a monstrous God. But the logic buried in the fine print is internally consistent.

To place the petition in some relief, I translated it into Arabic to see what “God bless our snipers” looks like in the sacred language of Muslims:

الله صلى الله عليه وسلم نظرنا القناصة

That may feel different. Especially if we saw it on the windshield of a car in Iraq, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Yemen or Boston.

Yes, God bless our snipers. Always on the right side of history. Always eliminating the right people. In the name of God. Bless them.

  1. hartman6712 says:

    Living in Texas, I often feel so powerless to do anything to stop the madness about gun safety that I simply want to give up. I read about the huge increase in gun sales AFTER Newtown. The Senate cannot pass a bill to require background checks. The Texas legislature considers more legislation expanding the rights of gun owners than on any other topic. A five-year old kills a baby sister with a rifle built and marketed for children under 12. Our newspaper posts no editorials that speak out against the gun lobby. Our pastors dare not challenge the distortions of the NRA.

    Then I read the lectionary selection from Ezekiel yesterday: “O mortal, stand up on your feet…The descendants are impudent and stubborn…Whether they hear or refuse to hear…they shall know that there has been a prophet among them,” and I decide to continue to write my congresspersons and legislators, send protest letters to the editor, and speak out at every opportunity.

  2. Audie says:

    Non Sequitur does it again!!! The logic is so absurd that it brought peals of laughter as I read this post! In reality this bumper sticker would make some members of society laugh while it would be embraced by others as the sublime truth!

    To survive on this planet. we need a more educated population!

  3. Audie says:

    Hartman6712….your post is a beam of light in the darkness of Texas. Thank you for your continued messages to your congressmen and senators. Your comment that there exists a rifle built and marketed for children under 12 with a 5-year-old killing her baby sister is extremely chilling! I hope you will gather more like-minded friends around you to counter such horror.

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