Posted: March 19, 2013 in Uncategorized

It’s not often that a city, school, family, or church has a surplus. Maybe it came as the result of a windfall. Or maybe just careful management. But there it is – extra. At first there is a sigh of relief: “Could be the opposite!” And it could have been. But soon the tune changes.”Well, what to do with it?” And a line begins to form. The line holds a spectrum of values and ideas, not all bad. But competition ensues. Who carts off the spoils of  war?

This has been the recent story of Columbia, Missouri. Many admirable causes have been suggested. I have not heard a bad one yet. Some more important than others, but not especially bad.

What is lacking, however, are urgent need and investment in the future.

If I were writing the checks I would fund an initiative to address homelessness in Columbia. Not solve it, but begin to address it. Secondly I would start the Columbia Incubator Project. This would be a center that would resource the best and brightest initiatives and creative thinking for the future. The answer is out there and we have to reach toward it. Why not provide an environment and incentives to do so? On many levels. May the most creative and brilliant win.

Urgent present need and future possibility. Surplus. Making a difference.

  1. Kirk says:

    All very noble ideas. However, just because we have a surplus does not mean we need to spend it. This money isn’t free. It come from the people. If an individual or organization feels strongly enough about these issues let them support the through philanthropy . It’s not the governments role. There are those that can’t get help for the simple reason support goes to so many programs.

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