Look Deeply into my Crystal Ball

Posted: November 5, 2012 in Uncategorized

The air is swirling with incense, a mystical air about, and I, sitting on my magic carpet, turban in place, eyes cast to some unseen place, shall predict the outcome of the forthcoming election. The outcomes are not necessarily my preference, but rather … what will be will be will be will be. Now – uncover the crystal ball!

President Obama will prevail over Governor Romney by a nose, no more. Great acrimony will take place in countings and re-countings.
The Senate will retain a Democratic majority.
The House will retain a Republican majority.
Missouri Governor Jay Nixon will be reelected.
Claire McCaskill will retain her U.S. Senate seat over challenger Todd Akin
Prop B will pass
Prop E will fail

If the forecast of the great Swami is proven true (if not, dash that glass ball once for all!), he envisions:

Perfect gridlock. The President’s legislation will be blocked by the House, who will again make obstruction their primary goal. The House’s legislation will in turn be blocked by the Senate, who will not give the House Cart Blanche.

There is no broad consensus mandate. Big money will continue to attempt to buy elections. Polarization will continue to be the order of the day. And every single move by either party will be blocked by the other.

Isn’t it time for a Center party? You know, doing what moderates in both parties used to do in order to make things happen, build compromise, find solutions, be pragmatic? To do this, the centrists will have to say “bye bye” to the extremists in their own party. Likely? Probably not. But it’s what we need.

Oh, Swami. Put away your crystal ball now and we shall see just how far-sighted you are!

Put it away! Put it away!

  1. Audie says:

    There are some signs of more cooperation, so I hope the Swami is wrong. There are many hopeful signs from the results of this election. Lots of diversity in terms of who was elected. So helpful in getting every citizen appropriately represented.

  2. silver price says:

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Republicans blocked an effort Monday by Senate Democrats to quickly pass a $7 billion aid package for victims of recent natural disasters like Hurricane Irene, tornadoes in the Midwest and the South and floods along the Mississippi, Missouri and other rivers.

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