Burn Down the Mosque

Posted: August 7, 2012 in Uncategorized

That’s what happened in Joplin yesterday. People burned down the Mosque. It was arson. And the job was done right, or wrong, morally speaking.

My Joplin brother notified me – with his understandable outrage and disappointment. Really? After the tornado? After everything they endured? People of all faiths pulled together to become a community of survivors, of more then survivors. And then this – another tornado, one propelled not by wind, but by hate.

It is so easy to hate. And hate endures.

We talked, my brother and I, about the natural response to such an act. Our first response is retribution: firebomb the perpetrators’ houses and see how they like it. Uh huh. It’s easy to hate, hard to love. I know that very well. The evil intentions live in us all – differently and by different degree. But they do.

We also talked about the ways that evil intentions are often transformed by God into a a greater good. How will God and God’s people transform this tragedy into a new world of hope in Joplin, Missouri?

Already several churches have reached out to the Muslim community, offering them space for their temporary Mosque.

And could this become a definitive moment in that community, in many communities, when neighbors gather together and simply say, “Hate no more.” It’s not who we want to be. We will not conquer hate by pouring more gasoline on the fire, so to speak. Rather, hate will be overcome with love.

Hate is a powerful force in all of us. Our automatic response to violation is to achieve vengeance. But the solution is to create a new world so crowded with love that hate has to take up residence elsewhere. It happens. Even in the ashes.

  1. Audie says:

    You are right, there is lots of hope as the loving people of Joplin take center stage. This can be a lesson for not only Joplin but throughout our state….and parts of the nation. Love must prevail. Love will prevail.

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