An Update on Kathy

Posted: July 17, 2012 in Uncategorized

I want to share an update on Kathy’s condition. The last time I sent out a note it was to announce an initial diagnosis: metastatic non small cell carcinoma. It was first found in bone lesions, having already spread from the primary source. After further biopsies and analysis the source was located: breast. Not only that, the particular variety of breast cancer is receptive to estrogen blockers. What that means is that because cancer loves estrogen, you turn off the estrogen tap and starve it.

This is the best of all possibilities, all things considered. Kathy will begin her estrogen blockers directly. At this point she will not need surgery, chemo or radiation.

Of course, this comes as a great relief because this particular disease is treatable and manageable. The prognosis is good. And we are so thankful.

In addition to state of the art medical care, we treasure the loving support that has surrounded us during these recent anxious weeks. A host of prayerful and loving souls have been there with prayer, quiet assurance, notes and other surprises. Our Broadway family of faith has shown itself to be just that, a family with all the love that families carry. How could we be so fortunate to be in such a congregation? Friends from around the country and from former churches have reached across time and space to let us know we are not alone. It is absolutely humbling.

There is no adequate way to say thank you, but I will try:

Thank you for caring, loving and standing beside us. We will never forget it.

And speaking of standing beside … let us do just that, especially for all those who have not received such positive news and who tremble before great uncertainty. For them let us lift our prayers, extend our love and lighten what can be an exceedingly heavy load.

Grace and Peace,

  1. Audie says:

    Amazing change in the diagnosis and blessings on a simpler treatment. Very thankful!

  2. What a wonderful post to read first thing this morning! I’m glad that you’ve gotten good news. May the love of God and our prayers continue to lift and carry you both as you venture through the next steps. Bless you.

  3. Elaine Talbert says:

    Thanks so very much for the update on Kathy! Big smiles of relief will continue all day…and the prayers will continue indefinitely. Praying she is on the road to complete and rapid healing, and looking forward to more good news. Hugs from Fort Worth..

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