The Broken Social Contract

Posted: June 27, 2012 in Uncategorized

It’s upon us, it’s been upon us, and it will only get worse: The Election Season.

This is the season of smoke and mirrors, of deception and bearing false witness, of false characterizations and illusions.

If the television is on, and I try to have it on less and less, the remote has to be near at hand so that I can mute political attack ads as quickly as possible. It matters not the party or super pack or terrorist politicos who sponsor it; the tripe is all the same.

Witness the repeated alarmist words of characterization, the labels, the spin, the distortion, the video out of context, the out and out lies and rewriting of history. The money, the tons and tons of money, makes it all worse (thank you, misguided supreme court). And in the end, the close race isn’t even about the figure heads out front. It’s about a divided nation, terribly, tragically divided.

The days of statesmanship are gone. The days of grand compromise for the common good are gone. The days of taking a stand – even against the currents of your own party – are gone. For if you do, if you exhibit the slightest bit of independent thinking, integrity, and courage to speak the unpopular thing, you will be deposed by your “base.” It is the demise of truth of we are witnessing. The two-party system is irreparably broken, with nothing to take its place.

Is there another way forward? This … one … is … not … working.

  1. N Miller says:

    Amen and amen–and tragically, no solution or savior in sight. Is it time for us to overturn the tables on the Temple Mount? How many are willing to take what comes after–hate mail, taunting, being cast out or labeled as crazy?

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