Francis Collins does it again

Posted: May 28, 2012 in Uncategorized
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If The Language of God was not enough, world acclaimed geneticist, former Director of the Human Genome Project, and the present director of the National Institutes of Health has done it again. I’ve just finished his latest book written with his co-author, physicist Karl Giberson, entitled The Language of Science and Faith (IVP, 2012). If you want to read a book that addresses the intersections between religion and science and maintains the integrity of both, this is it. The hard science is there as well as a grounded sense of the Christian tradition.

I won’t ruin the book for you by saying too much, but here is a teaser that should get the blood flowing:

Although science and religion certainly overlap in some cases, neither is an exhaustive source of truth capable of swallowing up the other. There are still questions that only science can address, and religion should simply concede on those points. And science cannot answer questions about life’s purpose or the existence of God. Scientists in the public square should refrain from pontificating on these topics as if suddenly science has become a religion. We also have to keep in mind that science makes mistakes – sometimes significant ones – but science is self-correcting over time, as history shows so clearly.”(90-91)

Yes, get your copy. If a scientific layperson like me can get it, you can too.

  1. David McGee says:

    Fantastic. Thanks for sharing!

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