Dancing with the (Missouri) Stars

Posted: May 18, 2012 in Uncategorized
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It was a gala night whose purpose was to fund dance in Columbia. On that score it succeeded. But it was more than that.

Like the popular national show, celebs are matched with pro dancers and compete for the top spot. The pros make everyone look better than they are. Some of the talent is surprising. But for me one aspect loomed above all others.

Those people fox trotting across the floor have other lives, real lives, when they are not on the dance floor. And so the doctor, school principle, business owner and fitness center trainer all take the stage. The good, bad and ugly of their professions melt away beneath the pulse of the music and movement of their bodies. And when people cheer, it’s not only because one of their own dared to make a fool of themselves for a good cause. No, it’s the dance of life.

They dance across life, dance for joy, because now is the time to let go of everything that hinders and strut the stuff. Some wear the outfit better than others. This one communicates the attitude to the audience. And that one floats along on the well-wishing of their friends. Judges make funny and half-serious comments.

If life is a dance, then who are we dancing for and why? And in the end, could we stroll across the canopy of the sky, kicking up our heels one last time, a holy cha-cha to the mystery?

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