The Taming of Environmentalism

Posted: April 21, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Just like any movement that institutionalizes (hello, church!), the environmental movement has been domesticated with its own day. Of course, that’s how we grant significance to things and people, by dedicating a day on the calendar.  Mothers deserve a day as do presidents, labor and those who died fighting wars for their country. We set time aside in order to pay tribute. And then it happens – what was once a movement becomes a day of observance. Like Easter or Christmas, for instance. And we can nod to it, have a march, a parade, and interviews on morning talk shows. The true believers show up at one-day events and cheer and display and rally. Then it’s over and we can get back to business as usual.

And then there is Earth Day. Again, right motives, good intentions, but a predictable outcome. Paradoxically, those who have problems with the environmental movement have plenty for which they can be thankful.  What could be safer than the partitioning of their nemesis into a day?

Perhaps the environmental movement could be most effective if its true believers vowed to provide relevant education and action on any day other than the captivity of Earth Day.

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