The Last Supper Goes Public

Posted: April 4, 2012 in Uncategorized
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On Saturday, April 19, a moveable Last Supper based on DaVinci’s iconic portrayal moved about Columbia, Missouri. Erasing the arbitrary lines between the sacred and secular, we took the supper to the city, and on Maundy Thursday evening will be bringing the city back into the supper. Thanks belong to Dave McGee for the great photography and here are a few:

Carousel in the Mall Food Court

Shelter Gazebo

Columbia Library

Top of Parking Garage

City Hall

Crosswalk at Broadway and 8th

The Columns

Wabash Bus Depot

Columbia College Bleachers

Boone Hospital

Bridge at College and Broadway

  1. Barbara says:

    Go into all the world… love the creativity! Hope it spreads to other cities and communities.

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