Whooooo Says?

Posted: February 14, 2012 in Uncategorized

Mo, the great horned owl

I’ve always been enamored with raptors in general, the whole world of birds of prey, our eagles, hawks, owls and more. And I’ve always wondered how I might actually be able to work with them in a kind of rescue setting. Since they are federally protected birds there are stringent standards for their care in captivity.

I happily discovered our very own Raptor Center at the Veterinary school at the University of Missouri. So I’m a volunteer in training. There is much, much to learn. But I like it already. In fact, I find myself in raptor attention.

  1. Jan Coffman says:

    Whooooo would have guessed?

  2. Mimi Rogers says:

    LOVE IT!!!!! Good for you!!!

  3. Sam Wright says:

    Cool! I also like raptors of Missouri, but find identifying all the different species of hawks daunting. I saw two fully mature bald eagles next to seven trumpeter swans on Sunday!!

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