Sounds like … God

Posted: December 1, 2011 in Uncategorized

One theme that reoccurred over and over, both in Noirin Ni Rian’s recent Celtic Soul performance at Broadway Christian Church  and her the Celtic Music/Spirituality Retreat, was that one must listen to the sound of God. Behind every great religious tradition is this sound, this pulsing of the universe, the pulsing of our consciousness. And silence becomes the stage upon which the sound of God makes its guest appearances.

The Irish religious tradition, in particular, is especially in tune with the sounds of nature, the sounds of human voice, and the sounds of a tradition finding its way toward God. She calls this “theosony” (theos=God, sony=sound), or God sound.

What better way to think of Advent? Listening for the appearance. And we light the candles, sing the carols, hear pronouncements of prophets enjoining us to wait for the songs of angels.

  1. John Dyess says:

    And I would add, see the visual images of God.

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