The Pinkel Sprinkle

Posted: November 18, 2011 in Uncategorized
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The DWI conviction of Mizzou Head Football coach, Gary Pinkel, rubs some salt in the moral wound. No, it’s not fair that the infraction would bring such media attention. Yes, there is a double standard for public officials, especially those working with young people. That’s how that ball bounces.

On a happy note, disclosure was total and swift as the athletic director, Mike Alden, at once declared Pinkel’s behavior unacceptable and assigning the penalty. Most of us, upon hearing that the coach will miss $40,000 for his one-week suspension were concerned. Perhaps we should pass the hat, organize a bake sale? Perhaps not. He has family to help him through this financial rough spot.

It’s hard being a public figure, no matter. Your personal life seems to shrink to little corners free of scrutiny. For those who are weak of spirit it drives them away from such locales. And that is understandable. In a different way, ministry is like that. And any clergy person has to figure out the public/private balance in their life.

I hope Gary will get over the embarrassment soon. The best way to move in that direction is what he has already started – simple declarations that he violated his own principles and let folks down. People are usually willing to forgive such missteps because we all have and still do make them. I know I”m not standing in line to judge him. There’s enough of me to puzzle over without presuming to fix him.

  1. Sam Wright says:

    I guess I’m happy they didn’t let him off, he broke the law. Coaches are a huge impact on the development of young men and women’s lives. No for the bake sale!

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