Notes from El Salvador

Posted: October 24, 2011 in Uncategorized
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I was very pleased, in our first day in El Salvador, to leave the capital city, drive to the village of El Espino, and work on completing a house for a very special person. The church we are partnering with has a mighty goal of reaching out to the shut away persons with disabilities in their community. We moved a lot of dirt today – in preparation for cementing the floors.  Gabby (and her mother and brother) will be so delighted to move out of their shanty. And it’s all because of the mission vision of this little church that has caught a vision for congregations helping to transform their communities.

We also spent time in the afternoon visiting the humble casas of these forgotten ones, the disabled, who have been kept in some custodial care at home with no other recourse. There are no agencies or governmental support. The disabilities are profound. Twenty year old adults with radical Cerebral Palsy and who weigh 50 pounds are cared for by exhausted parents, siblings, cousins. And the church is there saying, “You are not forgotten. God loves you. And we’re going to care for you.”

What prayer is said before such a bed, in such a home? A heart-felt one, desperate to receive God’s presence, healing, blessing and comfort. It’s a beginning that the door has been opened and it’s all because of this little church, the church that, when it calls the major for help, he now responds like never before. He’s seen what can happen.

Equip churches. Help them partner with communities in their transformation. Rejoice at what God does.

Tomorrow: Moving more dirt, mixing and pouring the cement, meeting with leaders to talk about the church’s ministry with “la gente con capacidades especiales.” (the people with special capacities) Then we worship. It will be long, because their worship always is. Just throw away your watches and forget about beating the Baptists to the restaurant. God’s shown up. You just can’t stay too long.

  1. Vera Rowell says:

    Be safe and know that we are praying for all of you to continue a meaningful time for both you and the people you are meeting there.

  2. Audie says:

    May love, humor, and peace be in your hearts as you continue in His service.

  3. Jan Coffman says:

    I like this attitude.

  4. Sam Wright says:

    WOW! This should humble us Americans, rather we always seek more!

  5. otleaann says:

    I love the term “special capacities”! It sounds so much more about what can happen, not what can’t. Blessings on this work. I hope I can join a trip in the future. I’ve always wanted to use my therapy skills in a place that has little support.

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