El Salvador Juntos (Together) team Visits El Salvador

Posted: October 18, 2011 in Uncategorized

A Juntos, “together” team from Broadway Christian Church will be leaving to share faith and life with our Salvadoran brothers and sisters beginning October 22 and continuing to October 29.

We will be working in the area of El Espina with the church of San Piedro and its minister, Pastor Santos. Our partner organization is ENLACE, a Christ-centered ministry that equips local churches to transform their communities. Our time will be spent doing some practical work as we help create a block security wall around a school. But of equal or greater importance will be worshiping with new friends, sharing conversations about the work they are already doing and our own lives, and exploring the ways our two churches are attempting to reach out to those with disabilities – Los Especiales.

It has been unseasonably rainy in El Salvador, but not so much in the area in which we will be working.

We have created a new Facebook page for this mission pilgrimage that you can follow here:


Follow the work of ENLACE through their blog here:


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