The Top Ten Reasons I Won’t Use Lists

Posted: October 14, 2011 in Uncategorized

Every single time my web browser opens there is another list. The Top Ten Reasons You’re Going to Lose Your Job. The Top Ten Reasons People Get Fat. The Top Ten Reasons My Dog is Better Than Your Dog.

The only reason that we are provided a list for every day of the year must be because we want them. Why else would these savvy web pushers push lists?

Well, I believe lists are an enormous cultural and personal cop out. And in an act of pure defiance I would like to share why I will never publish a list:

1. Lists trivialize the complexity of the real dynamics that go on behind every issue

2. We’re lazy and want someone else to do the work for us

3. Too many preachers want to reduce the mystery of God and our practice of faith to something more concrete than it actually is

4. We believe that if we only have it on a list we’re somehow in control of it

5. My lists go with my shirts into the washing machine

6. I’ve been on someone’s list before

7. WWJD? To my knowledge Jesus never made lists

8. Lists communicate a false sense of importance

9. Usually people run out of things to list by #8 and have to make stuff up for #9 and #10

10. I misplaced my list of future must-write blogs and have to instead write about lists

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