Killer Tornado Tears Through Joplin, Missouri

Posted: May 23, 2011 in Uncategorized
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My brother, Rod Carson, lives in Joplin and is a Chiropractor there. He called me last night as the tornado was tearing through Joplin. His house was safely out of the deadly pathway and no one was injured. His office, however, is another story.

The officials discouraged people entering the devastation zone immediately following the tornado, but my brother and his office administrator ventured to their office at morning light. Here is the picture he sent me this morning.

My brother's office in Joplin, Missouri

  1. Jan Frost says:

    I am so happy that your brother was safe and very sad about his office and others who have lost so much in Joplin.

  2. Nita Gilger says:

    So sorry. Prayers on the way for all.

  3. Jan Coffman says:

    Tornadoes always bring back memories of the one that hit the church that Jim was serving and our house behind it, April 11, 1965. It traveled down Main Street hitting homes and businesses from left to right in the picture below. Main Street Christian Church is at the far left and our home behind it. But more than the destruction, I remember the love and compassion of hundreds of people for months after that Palm Sunday evening devastation.

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