The Game of Chess and the Game of Life

Posted: May 17, 2011 in Uncategorized

So my daughter and I have discovered online chess. It’s not that we will no longer play face-to-face; we will. But this is a nice way of playing and interacting when are absent one from the other. The difference between this and emailing, texting, IMing is that we are, well, in a game. But a game is different online than hunkering over the same board, watching chess pieces bite the dust.

I like both forms – face-to-face and online – for some of the same reasons, but different ones, too.

There is the game – its essentials, tactics, and interplay – and that is present in both venues. But the online version (the one we play) allows for extended time. We can start a game today, let the partner know we will be out of town for a day, and resume when we return. Or continue in the hotel room that night. Somehow you know the game is still on, even when you’re not at the board. That’s  a nice feeling, to know that the game is still on.

And that’s something of what I experience with everyone I know and cherish, that the game is still on, even if we’re not interacting at the moment, or for days, and with some people even longer periods of time. Then there is reunion and we make a move or two. The game is on and has been.

Of course, that’s God. The unending game, whether we’re consciously playing or not.


Oops. I’ve got to go. I’d better keep my head in the game.

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