Posted: June 8, 2021 in Uncategorized

After I stopped running from the things that seemed to run after me, and

After, the funeral was over, the grief delayed, the schedule obliterated, and

After my notions of god fell out of my pocket, my oh so small pocket, and

After I grew indifferent to the assessments of me by others, and

After I put down the vocation that occupied me for decades, and

After I stopped carving up humanity into us and them, and

After I ceased pretending that my needs were less important than others, and

After I gave up on a universal view of reality that everyone would necessarily share, and

After I began listening to the whispers of my own soul, and

After I placed humanity on par with every other species, and

After I didn’t apologize, not once, for being who I thought best, and

After I enquired after the one, golden, unparalleled thing,

Then I walked out my door into the vast expanse of air, saw what was in front of me, bounded or staggered or fell on my own feet down the pathway as gravity would lead, and gave myself up to gratitude, unpopular opinion, unfiltered love, unplanned compassion, and hidden destinies.

Such intoxication, this. Late in coming. Arriving at just the right time. Worth the wait.


  1. rhonda T says:

    Amazing grace

  2. Gloria says:

    Need to publish this!

  3. Beth Rodzinski says:

    Brilliant.  Wondrous.  Moving.  PERFECT!   Big love to you!B

  4. Larry E Bernard says:

    Absolutely awesome and right, Tim. Thanks

  5. Marilyn McCreary says:

    Touched my soul.

  6. Lee says:

    Such a fine piece—it resonates 🙂

    Nancy Miller

  7. Joe and Claudia Ketterlin says:

    I just keep reading this, and it hits me harder with each reading. It is amazing! This should be published, as suggested by Gloria.

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