In our congregation, Broadway Christian Church, February has become “retreat” month; each weekend is occupied by yet another retreat – women, men, girls, boys. The second of these, the Men’s Retreat, will be held on Saturday morning, February 9. Over the past few years we have followed a sports theme and borrowed liberally from its metaphors. Our mornings have included presentations on the themes along with relevant movie clips and a “clinic” in the sport being considered. Fly fishing brought us A River Runs Through It and Baseball was, of course, Field of Dreams.

This year the sport is Golf and our theme is Finding Your Swing. In addition to the fun golf clinic led by our guest golf pros, our presentations will include sections of the great film, The Legend of Bagger Vance. The question we will be asking, in one way or another, is, “Who’s your caddie?”

As a devotional preparation leading up to the retreat, we have designed a month-long series of daily electronic devotions based on the theme, Finding Your Swing. You don’t have to be a golfer to enjoy them, but it could help. If you subscribe you will receive one devotion crafted by yours truly dropped into your email box each morning at 7am from January 9 – February 9.

Of course, the idea is for men to subscribe leading up to their retreat. But don’t let that keep you from subscribing if you can’t attend or if you are are a woman! The women golfers I know have asked for a special dispensation to receive these, and so they shall …

To subscribe, simply send an email in which “Finding Your Swing” is in the subject line and make your request: “Please subscribe me to the month of daily devotions.” To do so, send your request to


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