One Key of the Ivories

Posted: October 2, 2012 in Uncategorized

do you remember
when that one student had a project
a student like you years ago
and she needs to interview
somebody about something
and report on it, like it’s important

she shows up with
one more requirement on the way
to graduation, an interview
and I oblige, speaking
to her questions, answers
dutifully recorded, listening
as she scribbles
on her pad

I’ve done too many of these
to be grandiose and over-rate
my importance, to feel
flattered, like this moment
is going to launch my career
as the ringmaster under the big top

It is no more or less than one key
of the ivories, either black or white
for a young person, just necessary
and for me, an obligation, I think
as every key is necessary
for the whole piece, in its time
to start and stop, complete

  1. N Miller says:

    As a teacher, I was reminded to think of my own importance in the process as just one key–no more important than that, but also no less.  Thank you.

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