Healing Ancient and New

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During a recent retreat in New Mexico I ran into a therapist who, among other things, was talking about new ways he was dealing with Post Traumatic Stress. He had worked with folks suffering with many kinds of past traumas for years, but this was different, he said. As he is a person of faith, he shared how this dovetailed with his conviction that spiritual healing, and its physical parallels, was part and parcel of the great religious traditions. Whatever science was discovering was but a reflection of the ancient wisdom.

The book he recommended to me was The Healing Code by Loyd and Johnson (Life & Style, 2010). After reading most of the book I dropped a note to a friend I knew was experimenting with new modes of spirituality and healing. Too late, she was already onto it. But that’s good; I wasn’t climbing a ladder to nowhere. And if you want access to the “hard” science and research behind the theory and practice, you can get a copy of the book yourself.

The truths are fairly simple, but not widely accepted by the public at large. For Christians, for spiritual persons of many traditions, there is a familiar ring, like we’ve heard this before. Surprise, we have! But in different terms, different language.

Basically, from a quantum physics view, everything is energy. And energy fields animate our bodies, not only in our brains and central nervous system but throughout our entire cellular body. There is a cellular memory that stores all of the things that contribute to our illness – unforgiveness, guilt, hate, fear. They block the natural healing properties of our immune system. In fact, the body’s natural alarm system in the presence of threat continues on – inappropriately – even when the original threat is gone. Automatic responses – subconscious ones – continue to dominate us without our conscious consent. And there is no way to deal with the subconscious through the conscious. Most of our therapies are preoccupied with dealing with the symptoms rather that the working with the source. “Coping” mechanisms actually keep the body stressed, dealing with symptoms. Medications of various kinds are also preoccupied with symptoms. But the root of the problem has to do with energy and how negative blocks and forces have obstructed its natural flow.

The Healing Code has nothing to do with psychotherapy, in fact, it is its opposite. It does not believe that mucking about in the memories and feelings will bring a positive result – except for initial understanding. If the subconscious, the cellular memory, is the place of the heart where the difficulty resides, and if we are unable to access this consciously, then what? You appeal to a healing code that is already present with us that disrupts the false energy patterns that have developed within us. And the code unlocks this and replaces it with something else. And that universally addresses our dilemmas and the ways they keep undermining our health and happiness.

So what is the healing code? It is a prayerful application of our own energy, given by God, to heal the distorted patterns of energy. It’s like defragging your hard drive. And to do this you prepare with prayer, asking that God heal all that is blocking and harming you and others. Then through a pattern of motions – using your fingers held in several healing centers for 30 seconds each, you breath deeply and let your own energy patterns do their God-given work. You do this for six minutes, three times a day. You can precede or follow this with any other prayer, such as the Lord’s Prayer.

The four healing centers, acting  like portals to their biological centers,  are the bridge of the nose between the eyes, the adams apple, the place where the jaw hinges, and the temples. So you spend thirty seconds pointing your fingers toward these areas, one after the other, fingers held a couple of inches away, not touching.

Tim footnote: Traditional healing patterns have also used rituals and methods of disruption and replacement: Repeated prayers, prayer postures, hands held on certain places of the body, laying on of hands, anointing with oil … all attempt to do the same kind of thing. Think about the way that singing a hymn – with its spiritual ideas and musical patterns – displaces the unruly energy patterns surging within us. It’s no wonder that David played his harp to soothe the tortured soul of King Saul. Sound waves are energy, affecting the energy patterns inside us. Deep massage attempts to do this in a physical way, releasing areas where negative energy has been bound and stored. This includes the energy flowing through the hands of the healer.

We are psycho-somatic unities. A science or medicine that misses this misses most. And healing, as we know it now, will, most likely in the future, become preoccupied with energy – as the new physics intersects with the ancient wisdom and practice. Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue …

  1. I always wonder about the relationship between science and spirituality. Personally, I feel they are not mutually exclusive, but then on the other hand I’m inclined to think there are components of the spiritual realm which don’t admit a scientific description. Conversely, for Christians, everything we know as science is spiritual in the sense that God created it. In other words I believe that human science, as we define and understand it, is a subset of the spiritual realm, i.e. constrained by our carnal existence. One could perhaps say that all the wonders and mysteries of God, witnessed in small measure by us on earth, are in fact His own “science”- understood by Him alone as our creator. It is interesting to ponder how far God will allow “his science” to be revealed to us in our science. However, this process should be intrinsically limited – for our science is empirical in nature, yet God is not denumerable or quantifiable.

    Your post made me wonder to what extent the healing you mentioned can be explained scientifically and how much is purely spiritual.

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