St. Pats

Posted: March 17, 2011 in Uncategorized


St. Pats is no big deal in Ireland. On this day, says my Irish friends, we might go to mass and then next door to the pub. But that’s normal. Then home like always. None of this green stuff and cultural parties.

What’s with those Americans, anyway? They are trying to be more Irish than the Irish.

But when we’re far from home, from origins, then the celebration that didn’t used to matter that much comes to matter a great deal.

What you don’t have, you want. What you do have, you take for granted. What’s far you want to bring near. And what’s near you chose to ignore.

Well, dang. Just pinch me.

  1. Nita Gilger says:

    I would pinch you but alas you once were near but now ahh so far away. This near and far, close and distant stuff just boggles my mind since I am not much of a linear thinker. We should blow the whole thing off, go to mass and then the pub. Best idea ever!!

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